An anonymous donor has just gifted a $100 bill to every teacher in a Kentucky school district.

When the teachers of Pendleton County Schools showed up for the opening day of the school year earlier this week, they were surprised to learn that a woman had given them all cash donations to buy school supplies.

With 143 teachers in the school district, the donation totaled up to $14,300 – and the educators were understandably blown away by the compassionate gesture.

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Karen Delaney of the Pendleton County Education Foundation says that the woman had phoned in the donation and expressed her desire to thank the teachers for all they do.

“She (the donor) said, ‘I just want to do something to show teachers that there are people out there that,’ this is a quote, ‘that have their back, and support them in what they do every day for students, and then recognize that they give so much more than they are compensated,’” said Delaney, according to WLWT.

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