Rocker Space Jam ISS BareeNakedLadiesTalk about the ultimate space jam.

The song is called “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing),” and it’s billed as the first space-Earth musical collaboration. It’s a very long-distance project from Canadians Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies and Chris Hadfield, who currently commands the International Space Station.

The song premiered Friday morning as a prerecorded video — Hadfield performing on the space station with Earth floating outside his window and Robertson in a Toronto studio with a collegiate glee club and the other members of Barenaked Ladies.

Eighteen-thousand miles an hour
Fueled by science and solar power
The oceans racing past
At half a thousand tons
Ninety minutes moon to sun
A bullet can’t go half this fast.

(WATCH the performance below – READ the story from NPR)

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