These exuberant high school band members were “so happy” to play their hearts out at a Michigan football game earlier this week—but it’s not because they were cheering for their own team.

When the Forest Area Schools didn’t have enough students for a football team, they found themselves with a high school band, but no football teams to play for.

As fate would have it, the neighboring Glen Lake school district football team had the opposite problem: they had a football team, but no student band.

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The Glen Lake team then invited the Forest Area band to play at their game—and even though the young musicians had to drive an hour to attend the gig, they jumped at the opportunity.

“I absolutely flipped. I was so happy,” a Forest Area senior student band member told UpNorth Live. “Since it’s my last year after playing for six years, it’s the most important thing to me to be able to be out here and show people what we can do.”

Despite being forced to play their instruments in the rain, they nailed the performance—and Glen Lake said that the band was more than welcome to come back and play for more games in the future.

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