Ex-convict David Potchen walked into a local small-town bank in Indiana and told the teller to give him all their money.

He walked out with $1,600 and sat down to wait for the police.

Potchen, who said he’d tried his best to earn a living after getting out of prison, wanted to go back to the place where he actually worked and earned money and didn’t have to sleep in the woods.

When Indiana Judge Clarence Murray heard the evidence, he offered Potchen an alternative to prison. Instead of sentencing the man to 13 years, Murray asked aloud in his courtroom if anyone could give him a job.Bryant-Collins-saves-baby-on-road-iphone

Ex-con Saves Baby on Side of Road, Plays Gospel to Calm Her


A local reporter wrote a story about it, and “the owner of a nearby trucking company decided it was time to show a little faith,” reports NBC News. “David Potchen is now a full-time welder, and a good one, too.”

Apparently he is about as happy and loyal as a worker could be.

(WATCH the NBC video, or READ the story from NBC News -NOTE* auto playing video, adjust your speakers)

Story tip from Myra Kemna

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