Forget about getting another cat calendar for the holidays – you can now help a great charity by decorating your office cubicle with 12 months of bearded Canadian dudes in mermaid outfits.

Dozens of men from the Newfoundland and Labrador Mustache and Beard Club volunteered to pose for the merman calendar in order to raise money for Spirit Horse NL: a nonprofit that pairs therapy horses with mentally ill youths and adults.

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Hasan Hai, who founded the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard & Moustache Club, says that over 70 of their burly members were willing to step up for the organization.

“They’re desperately in need of funds and awareness because it’s expensive to raise and upkeep horses,” Hai told CBC. “I figured right away that this is a cause our club can get behind.”

The “MerBy’s” 2018 calendar features the gentlemen getting haircuts, drinking beer, hanging by the seaside, and blowing kisses to each other in nothing but their facial hair and fins.

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Since the club posted teaser photos of the calendar on their Facebook, they have been flooded with pre-orders.

You can buy your own for $19.70 USD ($25 CAD) a pop – but you better be quick about it if you want to get yours in the mail by the holiday season.

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