firefighter from Tampa (Mr. July) Nations Bravest Unite, 2012

The months of the year have never looked so good as in this glorious calendar with outdoor photos of 12 life-saving firemen. The best part is, their shirts came off for charity: 12 charities chosen by the firemen, including one heart-warming camp for child burn victims, will receive all the profits sales of the 2012 calendars.

Lieutenant Jeremy Finney is inspired by the benefits coming from this calendar of muscle-bound fire fighters. Finney became director recently for a camp that brings joy to children and teens who have been burned in fires. An article in the Tampa Tribune yesterday, Kids Get Shirt Off His Back, gave Jeremy a chance to tout his camp, along with the fundraising calendar.

“Let’s face it, kids can be cruel,” he says. “Camp Hopetake gives them a chance to socialize where they’re not outcasts. After all the physical pain, which I can’t even fathom, they have to endure the physical, emotional and psychological scars.

“I’m sorry, I tear up when I talk about it. I’m extremely passionate about this camp. When the kids come together, you can just watch them flourish.”

Finney and other firefighters take the children on a weeklong whirlwind tour each June, with trips to the beach, Adventure Island, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and more. It costs more than $1,000 a child, and that’s where the calendar comes in.

firemen catalogue examples

If you live in the Tampa, Fla area, stop by the firemen’s museum tonight (Oct. 13) for an all-you-can-eat 3-hour event featuring music, drinks and autographs from Mr. July. Tickets are $25 each and calendars will be available.

The calendars, called Nation’s Bravest: Firefighters Unite 2012, are purchased at cost by firefighters unions, then sold for $19.95, with the profits all going to the charities.

Please support the effort by purchasing (perhaps a few Christmas gifts?) at the website:

(WATCH Mr. Tampa’s visit with the local Fox morning show)

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