While this exotic building may seem like a castle that is fit for a king, it was actually built as “an oasis for humanity and nature in a sea of rational houses.”

The Green Citadel was built in Magdeburg, Germany as a means of bringing people together with its eccentric design and co-existence with nature. In addition to being adorned with gardens and green spaces, the citadel also contains apartments, cafés, hotels, shops, and a kindergarten.

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The pink structure is considered to be one of the first pre-fabricated buildings in Germany. It is also the final architectural work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

He designed the citadel so that no two pillars, doorways, or features of the building were built the same – everything in the citadel is unique, just like the people who inhabit it.

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  1. In addition to more good news, the modern psyche could use more exposure to beautiful architecture, the kind we usually had up until about 100 years ago. Beauty is soothing to the mind and good for the health.

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