Bruno the dog may be old, but that doesn’t stop him from trotting four miles through the countryside every day just so he can say hello to everyone in town.

Ever since Bruno was brought to Debbie and Larry LaVallee as a puppy twelve years ago, the adventurous pooch could not be tied down.

The couple became accustomed to the dog’s disdain for containment, so the canine is renowned for roaming free in order to say hello to all of his friends – his friends being everyone in Longville, Minnesota.

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His first stop during his daily visit is the butcher shop where the workers always treat him to some leftover scraps of meat

Then he makes his rounds to the gas station, city hall, the library, and the ice cream shop where all the residents stop to give him some love.

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As a matter of fact, everyone is so enamored with the elderly canine, that they recently erected a wooden statue of the mascot along with a Facebook page reporting all of Bruno’s most recent adventures.

Many of the residents will even give Bruno a ride home in order to save his joints from walking the 4 miles back.

(WATCH the video below)


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