Too good to be true? Experts always tell you there is no such deal. Don’t believe them.

BMW New Zealand yesterday ran an April Fool’s advertisement in the Auckland Herald saying the first person to walk into the dealership and ask for “Tom” could swap their old car for a brand new Beemer.

Most people thought it was a pretty lame April Fool’s joke. But Amy and Tiaana Marsh were willing to go for their dream.


They walked in and asked for Tom.

They drove away in a BMW with a license plate that said, NO FOOL.

(WATCH the video below)


Here’s another great car prank played on the 1st of  April. Check out what someone found in their garage… A post-it note car (posted on Twitter)

post-it-note-car-TinaStull-TwitterSHARE the Fun with your Friends (below)…

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