Title: How Boredom Leads to Brilliance

The Lesson: If it’s one thing that everyone has in common, it is that people hate boredom – but that tedious feeling might actually be the key to your next big idea.

Many of us are pressured to work harder, and use all of our time productively, instead of taking time off to disconnect, decompress, and digest everything that is going on in our lives. Whether this is because we automatically check our smart phones whenever we have a spare moment in the day, or that we’re just too busy with our career and relationships; our lack of time spent daydreaming can keep us from unlocking our best self.

Notable Excerpt: “Our gadgets can’t give us more minutes in the day. We still have to have the patience to get to the great ideas, because otherwise we’re just having a lot of mediocre ones that we like posting, and Tweeting, and Instagramming about.” (From the full video below)

The Guest: Manoush Zomorodi, an expert on how to encourage our creativity and preserve our humanity in a digital age, is the author of “Bored and Brilliant” and the host of the critically-acclaimed Note to Self podcast, which is available for free on iTunes and Spotify.

The Host: After spending years of his young life and athletic career struggling with his own emotional wellbeing, a crippling injury left Lewis Howes without an identity and without any work. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, however, Howes recreated himself as a multi-million dollar media producer, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and podcast host. The ex-football player now spends his days chatting with the most inspirational icons of this generation on his School of Greatness podcast.

Podcast: The School of Greatness podcast is available for download on Soundcloud and iTunes. You can also watch footage of the interviews on Howes’s YouTube channel.

Books: Howes is the author of the New York Times bestselling book “The School of Greatness”: an in-depth collection of lessons and wisdom that he has gathered from interviewing hundreds of the world’s greatest role models and thinkers. Howes’s latest book, “The Mask of Masculinity”, is based on his experience with the dangerous stereotypes and expectations that are placed on men in modern society.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below)

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