Boss Suggests His Employee Take a Sick-Day–and It Saved His Life

Boss Suggests His Employee Take a Sick-Day–and It Saved His Life

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Mike Bell’s boss didn’t like the way he looked — and taking time to be concerned saved the car salesman’s life.

The dealership’s owner, Gus Rodriguez was worried about his health, so he told him to take a sick day, and see a doctor to “figure out what’s going on.”


It was a good thing Bell took his boss’ advice — he collapsed at the hospital on his way to have an X-ray and had to be rushed into emergency open-heart surgery.

Doctors believe he would have died had he not come in that day, due to a tear in his aorta that surgeons had to patch.

Rodriguez insisted that his employee regain lost weight before letting him return to the showroom floor.

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The owner of Jeep-Chrysler-Dodge City of Mckinney, Texas also helped with his employee’s financial health — supporting Bell through his 14-day hospital stay and lengthy recovery at home.

“He took care of me and made sure I could still pay the bills,” Bell told WFAA News.

(WATCH the video from WFAA News below) – Photo: WFAA

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  1. This is an ideal boss! Unfortunately, I had to have emergency surgery almost seven years ago, and I was at work the day before the surgery. I was sick all day, and my boss would not allow me to leave unless he could get another person to fill in for me. I ended up in the emergency room a few hours after I left work (yes, after my shift was over). Not one person from work even visited me–not even my boss.