Jordan Thomas was an active 16-year old athlete when he lost his legs in a boating accident while on vacation. He was rushed to the hospital where he met other amputees who weren’t as fortunate as he.

“I just remember seeing so many kids who didn’t have parents, didn’t have health care,” he told CNN. “I just knew that the future was grim for them.”

The top-of-the-line prosthetics Thomas was fitted with – the ones that helped him return to the golf links – cost about $24,000. He learned that many insurance plans cover only about $5,000.

That’s especially tough on child amputees, who will outgrow several limbs before adulthood.

He asked his family to give a donation to help others, but ultimately, with their support, the teenager launched a fundraising foundation that has provided life-changing prosthetics costing more than $400,000 to children in need.

(WATCH the video below or READ the full report at CNN Heroes)


  1. Great job Jordon! But it’s sad that people have to depend on the kindness of others to receive proper medical care. Come on Obama, give us the public option! Insurance companies are evil.

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