This 9-year-old boy loves comic books so much, he wanted to share his passion with American soldiers – and in return, they gave him a day that he won’t soon forget.

Carl is the mastermind behind Carl’s Comix: a website dedicated to comic book reviews and interviews. When one of his subscribers asked if he had ever thought about donating comic books to those in need, the 9-year-old had an idea.

Carl contacted Jennifer Myers of the Department Veterans Affairs and Veterans Benefits Administration, asking her if he could donate some of his comics to veterans and soldiers deployed overseas. After she said yes, Carl got to work collecting comics.

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The boy called up a few of his friends and started asking for donations at a comic book show. Through his campaigning, Carl managed to accumulate 3,500 comic books – 300 of which were his own.

After donating several hundred of the books to Lyons Veterans Hospital in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, he then planned to bring several more boxes to the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in Trenton.

“They felt really grateful for the donation because all of the books would go to veterans in the hospital who need something fun to read and something to cheer them up,” says Carl. “I was really happy that they were so excited about them.”

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When he arrived, however, he didn’t expect to be greeted with a hero’s welcome.

Several high-ranking officers were waiting to give him a VIP tour of the base. Carl was allowed to try on military gear and explore the inside of a plane and helicopter. Then, the officers awarded him 3 different medals of excellence in recognition of his kindness.

“They all gathered around and Commander Lowery said that she had a medal for me. I was so surprised when she handed me her coin of excellence. It made me feel very special and excited. Everybody who was outside applauded for me. I was so surprised I could barely stand!”

“Jennifer Myers spoke with me to make sure I understood what these coins meant and that I would always treasure them. We all hugged goodbye and thanked her for setting up such a special day. I do not think I have ever felt as special and welcome as everybody at Joint Base MDL made me feel!”

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