Canada has just released a new airline passenger bill of rights that makes it illegal for passengers to be forcibly removed from overbooked domestic or international flights.

The legislation, passed by the transportation minister Marc Garneau, will require airlines to offer compensation for the passenger’s ticket – if a passenger does not accept the compensation, the airline will simply be forced to raise their offering price.

The bill, which is set to pass at the start of 2018, will also require financial compensation for damaged luggage.

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“When Canadians buy an airline ticket they expect the airline to keep its part of the deal,” said Garneau.

Airline overbooking has become a hot topic in recent months since a United Airlines passenger released cell phone footage of a man being violently dragged from a flight after he refused to give up his seat for a crew member.

United has since issued new guidelines stating that crew members must arrive 60 minutes prior to the departing flight, which will hopefully help to avoid any incidents in the future.

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