flag of canadaLet’s take a moment to thank the people who do nice things, who take the high road, and who strive to do good every day. They’re all around us, and they need to be recognized even if they don’t dominate the headlines. Here are some of the little known acts of heroism and honesty that happened in the great state of Canada…

For instance, in April 2011 a Toronto man discovered a pattern in the scratch-and-win lottery tickets. Instead of using his knowledge to win lots of money, he reported the pattern to the Commission so that they could make changes to make it fairer.

My favorite Canadian stories of 2011 were these two:

A Canadian City Delivered On ‘1000 Acts of Kindness Challenge‘, and the legally blind photographer who snapped a gorgeous award-winning photo that took first prize in a contest when judges had no idea she was blind.

(READ THE LIST of good deeds from Sympatico.ca)

Thanks to Craig Withers for sending the link!


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