optimistic oldster Park FallsStudy Brings Exciting Message of Hope:

The chances of getting cancer are declining… and the chances of dying of cancer are declining even faster, reported researchers at a news conference on March 12.

Based on Nat’l Cancer Institute’s tracking of trends within the U.S. population, in 1995, there were 70,000 fewer new cases of cancer diagnosed than if a 50-year trend would have continued. This drop in incidence, which began in the early 90’s, is significant because it indicates the receding of the disease itself.

Healthier lifestyles and environment, and earlier detection are the likely contributing factors.There were about 30,000 fewer deaths from cancer in 1997. Mortality rates from lung, breast, and prostate cancers have all turned downward in the 90’s.

”For the first time in history, cancer is moving in the direction we want it to go,” said Dr. Klausner, director of the cancer institute. He expects the trends to continue downward and asserted that the major effects of advancing medical treatment and early detection are “not even showing up yet! And those are exciting… “

Vitamin E Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

A new study showed that long-term Vitamin E supplements substantially reduced the chances of getting prostate cancer (by 32%) and the chances of dying from it (by 41%). 30,000 male smokers aged 50-69 participated in the study at the University of Helsinki.

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