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A tourist driving through Alberta performed a make-shift C-section to deliver a fawn, after its mother was struck by a car.

Outdoorsman Sean Steele was taking a vacation road trip across western Canada when he saw an injured deer on the side of the road. He was preparing to humanely euthanize the doe, when he noticed she was pregnant and the accident had put her into labor.

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The fawn had breeched, with its hind hoof protruding before its head, which the dairy farmer knew could be fatal. He put his experience to work, using a pocket knife to perform a Cesarean section to save the baby deer.

The fawn wasn’t breathing, but Steele didn’t give up. In a stroke of brilliance, he grabbed a long blade of grass, and tickled the baby’s nose until it sneezed and started breathing on its own.

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Then he drove it miles to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society refuge, which reported on its Facebook page the little deer is drinking milk from a bottle “like a champion,” playing with another orphaned fawn, and appears to be recovering well.

(WATCH the post-operation video below from Michele Steele)— Photo: Michele Steele, Facebook; Northern Lights Wildlife Society, Facebook

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