There’s no lesson in driver’s ed that prepares you for when your car starts meowing in traffic.

But that’s exactly what happened to Jean Puegh when she pulled up to a stoplight in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Even though no one knows how it got trapped, a tiny striped kitten had gotten stuck in the wheel well of Puegh’s Chevrolet Encore.

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The SUV owner called 911 and asked them what do to do about the poor feline. The operator suggested she take the car to a dealership and see if the mechanics could retrieve the kitten.

Sure enough, Puegh took her car to the Preferred Chevrolet dealership. In a matter of minutes, the mechanics were able to safely dislodge the kitten from the wheel well. Though it seemed a little startled, the cat was declared unharmed.

Additionally, the adventurous little feline was adopted by Sara Weeber, the employee who filmed the event.

And what is the pawesome name they chose for the stowaway? Sara decided to name him Encore after the model of the SUV he was rescued from.

(WATCH the video below)

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