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The mother of a special needs child was so frustrated with shopping carts, she designed one herself that grows with each kid like hers — and it’s going nationwide.

Retail chain Target will be providing “Caroline’s Carts” in all of its U.S. stores starting in March.

Most kids outgrow shopping carts by the time they are six or seven, but Caroline’s Carts are adjustable, allowing parents or caregivers to move special needs children or even adults into the cart for the shopping trip.

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That way, people don’t have to struggle with pushing a cart while towing a wheelchair down the aisles.

Drew Ann and David Long came up with the idea after just such a trip to the grocery store. As Drew Ann struggled with both her special needs daughter, Caroline, in a wheelchair and two-year-old son in a shopping cart, she went home and sketched out a solution.

King Soopers, a Colorado supermarket, ordered one of the prototypes back in October for a regular customer in a similar situation. Store employees named that one “Beatrice’s Cart” after Melody Leach’s 2-year-old daughter.

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Drew Ann says Caroline’s Carts promote inclusion of special needs people and their families and she wants to see them in every grocery store in America.

“This is a child that was born with a major disability,” she says of Caroline in the video below. “She has a plan and a purpose. She’s never said a word and she’s never taken a step, but she’s changing lives.”

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