While some hustlers might use their winnings for gambling and debauchery, this talented feline is using his earned cash to help those less fortunate.

CASHnip Kitty is the resident kitty of GuRuStu, an advertising company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The feline was originally adopted by the office staff to hunt mice two years, but because CASHnip was such a lovable mascot, they decided to keep him.

In recent months, however, the employees discovered that CASHnip had a secret talent: he was secretly hustling humans out of their money.

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At the start of a work week, they found a pile of one dollar bills laying around the cat on the ground by the front door.

After some investigation, they found that passerby had been trying to play with CASHnip through the glass. As a means of enticing the feline into action, someone had slipped money through the crack in the front door only to have CASHnip snatch it away. So many people were fascinated by the cat’s unique skills, it had become an ongoing game to lure him into action with some cash.

The office employees then decided to put their mascot’s skills to good use and donate all of the money to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

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The team erected a sign reading: “CASHnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. CASHnip Kitty says, ‘Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow.’”

Since putting up the sign, CASHnip has raised over $100 for the local homeless shelter.

You can also follow his shenanigans via CASHnip’s own Facebook page.

(WATCH CASHnip in action in the video below)

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Kitten Has Team of Piglets to Watch Over Him During His Seizures (WATCH)

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