There is nothing like coming home to a loving furry feline who has been eagerly awaiting your return— unless you have never owned a cat in the first place.

This is exactly what happened to a user of the Imgur photo sharing site named Nigel a few weeks ago.

The San Diego, California resident came home from work to find a small brown cat without a collar or tags sitting on his chair, waiting for him.

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The cat, who Nigel assumes wriggled its way into the house by means of an open window, began meowing frantically at the sight of him.

The Californian assumed that the cat was hungry, so he went to the store and bought some pet food and supplies. Needless to say, the mystery feline was very pleased by the offering and started to meow and purr as it gobbled up the food.

Nigel then started canvassing his neighborhood in search of the mystery cat’s owner. Strangely, no one said that they were missing a cat.


He then took the feline, who Nigel temporarily dubbed Lil Gato, to the vet to see if he was microchipped. Not only did the cat have zero records of a previous owner, but he also had worms and fleas.


After Nigel paid to have the cat treated, he started asking his neighbors if anyone had owned a kitten or a mother cat that had given birth recently. Again, no luck.


Finally, Nigel accepted that the little cat had simply adopted him as his rightful owner. Nigel and Lil Gato, now called Buddy, have become the best of buds.

Buddy reportedly follows Nigel around the house and takes every opportunity to snuggle with him – even if it means curling up on top of his head.

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One Imgur user commented on Nigel’s photos, saying: “He chose you. You are his Forever Dad now … I think you’re a fantastic person for taking him into your life.”

Another wise comment read: “Cats always know when they will be welcome.”

While Buddy’s origin story is still a mystery, one thing is for sure: he is going to have a loving future.

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  1. I had to re-read the first part of this a couple of times to realize the reason this was unusual was that the cat was INSIDE THE HOUSE. In my world cats are indoor/outdoor so coming home to a cat waiting for you on your patio (which is what I assumed, naturally) was sweet but not unbelievable. I would edit the headline to something like, “Man Comes Into His House to Find Cat Waiting For Him – Except He’s Never Owned a Cat.” It would carry a bigger punch. I loved this story. This would totally happen to me! Thanks for all you do, for all your good news! Cynthia

  2. Similar thing happen to me many years ago in D.C. On a in the neighborhood a cat/kitten (who looked EXACTLY like Buddy) started following me. I wasn’t allowed to have pets, but she just stayed outside. When I came home from going away for a weekend and she was still there I took her in! We had almost 20 years together. Miss Kitty was her name… kitty at first trying not to get too attached… HA! And like yours looks, she was a pistol! Smart and dear. Cats are the best. We are “the chosen”… those who are chosen by cats!

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