One restaurant patron was so grateful to be reunited with his $45,000 engagement ring, he paid for enough noodles to serve an entire day’s worth of customers.

According to the Chongqing Morning Post, a man whose surname is Wang, had accidentally left his bag – which contained the expensive diamond ring – outside of a sour and spicy noodle store when he stopped in for a ring.

Horrified to find what had happened, he returned to the shop only to find that a little girl had given his bag to the manager at the counter to ensure it didn’t get stolen.

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Later that day, Wang returned to the restaurant and said that after proposing with the ring, his girlfriend of one year had accepted.

As a means of celebrating the engagement, he then paid for enough spicy noodles to feed 5,000 customers – about the same amount of customers that the vendor has in a day.

Wang posted a letter on the front of the shop, explaining his gesture by saying: “Chongqing has the woman I love and so many nice people. I feel very honored and happy.”

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