Michelle Obama surprises Fallon guest

Jimmy Fallon set up a super sweet prank for Americans who came by the NBC studios to record goodbye messages to Michelle Obama. What they didn’t know was that she was waiting to surprise them from behind a curtain.

From being a great role model, to inspiring one dad’s kids to eat salads, to making us laugh on the Tonight Show performing the Evolution of Mom Dancing; the First Lady has given Americans many reasons to love her.

The folks at NBC’s Tonight Show gave regular Americans a chance to express what she has meant to them by recording a video message saying goodbye to Mrs. Obama. They faced a portrait of Michelle, and when they finished their heartfelt farewells, they were shocked to suddenly meet her face-to-face.

They’d seen her on TV, harvesting vegetables with local students in the new garden at the White House and dancing a jig with a 106-year-old woman, but when she suddenly walked up to them, it made many of them break down into tears.

Watch the video below to see their reactions as they are enfolded in Obama’s arms.

Praised by one man for focusing above all on ‘kindness’ and cheered by another fan for her sense of humor and Dougie dance moves, Michelle is also known for tackling tough issues.

For eight years the First Lady worked on two main issues — jobs and homes for veterans and their spouses, and child obesity with her promotion of healthier eating and her “Let’s Move” campaign. These efforts helped to cut veteran homelessness in half; brought new salad bars to thousands of schools; and coincided with childhood obesity rates dropping in many states.

Thank You Michelle Jimmy Fallon Graphic

But, these six lucky people got to meet the down-to-Earth Michelle, the mother of two girls who offers warm hugs and words of encouragement at just the right moment.

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