With Puerto Rico still recovering from the damage of Hurricane Maria, a New England college is opening their doors to displaced students so they can continue with their studies.

Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts is giving a free semester of classes to hurricane victims from the University of Puerto Rico.

The college will also be providing free room and board to the students, as well as a stipend for textbooks, travel costs, and expenses.

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According to the school’s website, the average price tag for tuition, room, and board can cost students without financial aid as much as $66,000 per year.

In light of the circumstances, however, school representatives believe that young adults pursuing an education should not have to give up their academic career just because of a hurricane.

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“Our goal is to allow these students to continue their studies at an outstanding liberal arts college with a welcoming, supportive community,” said Audrey Smith, the college’s vice president for enrollment. “I know Smith students, faculty and staff will welcome them eagerly.”

Anyone wishing to apply has until December 6th to fill out the necessary forms. Application fees for University of Puerto Rico students will also be waived.

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