Fetene Yezengaw is a crossing guard who has brought smiles and laughter to the same intersection for the last decade – so now, the community is repaying him for all the kindness.

When Fetene was a 15-year-old child soldier in Ethiopia, he stepped on a land mine that blew his leg off. After healing in a refugee camp, he was eventually granted political asylum in the United States.

The now 42-year-old has used a prosthetic limb ever since, but it currently requires repairs that he can’t afford. He also recently lost his second job and medical insurance, but the kids and parents of Harvard Elementary School in Houston, Texas decided to raise the money themselves, to care for the beloved school official.

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A school club, Girls on the Run, hosted a bake sale, while one of the moms, Karen Johnson, created a GoFundMe page. Together, they have raised over $10,00 for his medical needs.

Yezengaw was so overwhelmed by the community’s generosity, he came to tears.

“When I told Fetene about the money being raised for his medical needs he began to cry and is beyond grateful for each and every one of you. He said, ‘I am so blessed and Harvard is my family.’” says Karen Johnson. “He wishes he could write each and everyone of you a personal letter thanking you for making his life easier.”

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