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A bus driver’s surprising act of kindness on his route is paid back with a “jaw-dropping” reward.

Faris Khalifa was riding a bus in Liverpool, England last week, when the driver made an unscheduled stop.

He pulled a five-pound note from his pocket and asked Khalifa to run it over to a homeless person sitting in the rain.

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Afterward, the more Khalifa thought about the driver’s generosity, the more he wanted to thank him. With the help of the local bus company, he arranged a meeting under the guise of handing driver “Stephen” a thank you card.

In reality, Khalifa had told his story to local businessmen who’d chipped in for a gift basket. It included vouchers for lunch and dinner, a collection of cheeses and bottles of rum and bourbon.

So the most amazing thing has happened. This has totally blown me away.First, I'll explain briefly to those who didn't...

Posted by Faris Khalifa on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Before surprising him with the bundle of goodies, the bus driver surprised everyone else– with one more contribution to the trail of kindness. Stephen handed Khalifa his old Army sleeping bag, and asked him to give it to someone who needed it on his way home.

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“This was the second time he nearly made me cry,” Khalifa wrote on his Facebook page. “This ex-army, married father of one is the embodiment of what this city is. Pure love for all who need it.”

Photo: Faris Khalifa, Facebook

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