On a cold Friday in April a media company in New York City decided to inspire their harried workers with a little community service… but what to do?

One of the executives came up with the idea of giving every team member a hundred bucks and letting them decide how to use it. Since they produce videos anyway, Nylon.com sent a crew to follow the ten employees on their hundred-dollar quest.

Going into it, the workers felt rather stressed about taking time out of their day–everyone being under a deadline for the next issue–but the experience left them refreshed and re-energized.The Giving Spirit-LA homeless bags-graphic-Givingspirit-org

Kindness Bag Changes Homeless Vet’s Life, Now He Delivers Them on LA Streets


“The feedback was tremendous and everyone was really excited about giving back to the community,” CEO Paul Greenberg told Good News Network. “They felt really, really good for a long time afterwards.”

The woman pictured above was given flowers on the street, and then says, “It’s my birthday!”

Watch them all hit the streets to give away their hundred bucks in the #100DollarChallenge video below.

Chances are huge that you’ll also feel ‘really, really good’ simply witnessing the generosity. Science has proven this to be a side-effect of kindness.

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