This congregation was attending a service at their church on Saturday night when they were told terrifying news: a tornado was headed right in their direction.

Roughly 45 attendees – children and adults alike – were at the parish hall of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church near Dallas, Texas when they were warned of the impending danger.

The parishioners crowded into the hallway connecting their parish hall and the main church. 30 seconds later, the tornado tore the outside of the building to pieces.

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Everyone made sure to keep each other safe as they stayed low to the ground, praying all the while. Others struggled to keep the hallway doors shut against the wind.

“We could see the beams bending and the aluminum roof being ripped away,” one of the youth pastors told CNN. “As soon as the worst was over, we began to sing to keep the kids calm.”

The chaos eventually subsided, leaving heaps of brick and rubble in its wake. The congregation, however, was miraculously unharmed.

St. John’s was the only church in the town of Emory, Texas with a population of roughly 1,200 people. One of the men who was due to deliver a speech to the parishioners that night started a GoFundMe page to help fund the reconstruction of the church. The page has already raised $1,200 of its $5,000 goal.

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