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Every day, a two-year-old and her mother look out of the hospital room window to catch a glimpse of the creation scene across the street.

In contrast to the gray medical gear stacked in their room, the view outside is a constant display of cranes and trucks, and people in brightly colored hard hats as construction workers continue to erect a new building.

Vivian Keith and her mom loved to start their mornings by waving at the construction workers, and, of course, the men happily wave back.Roof volunteers Facebook David Perez

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As the building climbed higher and higher, ironworkers Travis Barnes and Greg Combs saw a lot of kids at the Saint Louis, Missouri, children’s hospital watching from the windows, but Vivian was special — waving to the little girl with leukemia became part of their morning routine.

One day, the Keith family looked out the window to see a message from Barnes and Combs to Vivian scrawled on one of the girders.

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From the creation of a building came a bridge–to Vivian and her family.

(WATCH the KDSK News video)  Photo: KDSK video – Story tip from Rae Hunt

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