This furry intruder exhibited some pretty impressive breaking and entering skills – but his talent for music wasn’t as impressive.

In fact, it was downright “unbearable”, according to local police representatives.

21-year-old Katie Hawley was terrified when she returned to her Vail, Colorado apartment last month only to find that an intruder had wreaked havoc on her kitchen.

Upon calling the Vail Police Department, officers arrived on the scene and declared that the mess was most likely caused by an animal. Hawley then reviewed security camera footage and found a bewildering sight.

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A black bear had expertly unlocked the student’s kitchen window and snuck into the apartment like the Pink Panther.

The intruder then devoured some fruits hidden in the freezer, ate a massive bag of chocolate, chugged some maple syrup, and unscrewed – yes, carefully unscrewed with its paws – a jar of peanut butter, which it then slurped up in its entirety.

Despite the stunning dexterity with which it conducted its heist, the bear then wandered over to the apartment’s piano and stomped out a cringeworthy chord.

To be fair, the bear did not have thumbs with which to conduct its concerto, but its performance was still far from pawesome.

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Vail police, on the other hand, held such disdain for “Bearthoven”, that they wrote a crippling review of the melody on a state website, along with a warning and how-to guide on bear-proofing a home.

“Following the report to police, the resident checked her internal camera system, which captured the event on video,” wrote the Vail Police Department. “The bear was seen wandering around the apartment and at one point went to a piano putting its paws on the keys playing a few notes.”

“The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly, according to police. Although officers searched the area, the suspect is still at large.”

(WATCH the video below)

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