A single five dollar bill has grown into thousands after a single mother decided she wanted to help a stranger.

Alysun Ogilby’s church held a “reverse offering,” giving each member a crisp, new five dollar bill with instructions to use it to bless someone.

Alysun, who could’ve used the money herself, instantly knew who to spend it on, even if she didn’t know his name.

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It was “The Paper Man,” a happy, singing, dancing man she saw every Sunday hawking the Cincinnati Enquirer to passing motorists. Rain, shine, or snow, the stranger kept a smile on his face and entertained people stopped at his intersection.

“He sells the paper with such enthusiasm that I often want to buy one just to reward his work,” she wrote online.

She had noticed he rode a rickety, old bicycle with a cart behind it to haul his papers. She thought maybe she could help him buy a new rig, so Alysun took the five dollars and set up a fundraising page called “Bless the Paper Man.”

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With the help of friends and neighbors she collected $500, but after word spread, she ended up raising more than seven times that much — $3,575.

She’s can’t wait to hear how “The Paper Man” manifests his own blessing with that much cash.

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