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If it hadn’t been for some persistently crafty humans, then this poor pup might have starved to death.

When Eli the German shepherd was brought into the Ada Animal Hospital in Boise, Idaho, he was smaller and more feeble than any other hound in his litter.

Eli couldn’t keep any of his food down, so his breeders gave him up to the clinic for special care.

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X-rays showed that Eli had a megaesophagus – an organ that becomes swollen and useless, preventing any food from digesting.

Several surgeries proved fruitless at fixing the pup’s digestive situation and the situation seemed dire.

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That’s when the office’s manager built a feeding chair for Eli that keeps his body vertical while he eats, allowing gravity to push the food into his stomach.

In just 3 weeks, the canine has gained over 30 pounds and has started a long happy puppy partnership with Savannah Amberson, his owner at the clinic.

(WATCH the video below)

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