Bubbles flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence

This kid’s well on his way to making friends in high places.

When Wil Lawrence was born with Down syndrome three years ago, his father decided to put his photography skills to work promoting positive images of people with the condition.

“Wil actually choose flying as the theme,” Alan Lawrence told Good News Network. “When he learned to roll over on his stomach he would wiggle his feet and arms like he wanted to fly, so being a photographer I decided to help him make that a reality.”

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The pictures turned the toddler into something of a real-life superhero after they were featured in a calendar to raise money and awareness for people with Down syndrome. Alan was honored with this year’s Utah Down Syndrome Foundation Buddy Walk Recognition Award.

For the little superhero, his work seems never ending:

Whether using his super power to reach humanly unreachable ice cream…

Wil-Can-Fly-icecream 2-flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence

…meeting famous celebrities….

wil-can-fly-disneyland-flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence

…keeping a watchful eye on our natural treasures…

Wil-Can-Fly-Grand-Canyon flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence

…or patrolling the California coast.

Wil-Flies-to-the-bridge-flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence

If Wil really is Superman…

sunset flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence

You have to figure that he probably got it from his dad.

Alan and Wil flying Wil permission Alan Lawrence
All Photos by Alan Lawrence, That Dad Blog

“It has been so incredibly fun doing these photos with Wil,” he told Good News Network. “They have become a true celebration of the blessing he is to our family.”

Half the proceeds from the Wil Can Fly calendars go to two Down syndrome organizations: Reese’s Rainbow and Ruby’s Rainbow. Follow the family’s adventures at That Dad Blog.

(WATCH the video below from KSL-TV)

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