Aleem Chaudhry doesn’t just work tirelessly to provide his customers with tasty sandwiches—he also ensures that any child who writes a letter to Santa Claus in his town is guaranteed a response.

In addition to Chaudhry being the owner of Gino’s Stop-N-Buy deli in San Antonio, Texas, he is also known for being a reliable messenger in Santa’s workshop.

Chaudhry gained the yuletide reputation a few years back when he put up a bright red mailbox for the North Pole. Though it was only meant as a holiday decoration, many local children started using the mailbox to drop off actual letters to Santa—so Chaudhry took it upon himself to write back to every letter.

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Last year alone, Chaudhry received and wrote back to more than 400 letters. Not only is he planning to do the same thing this year, he’s making it easier for the tots to write their notes to St. Nick.

So enthusiastic is his holiday labor of love that Chaudry has set up a letter-writing station for all of his young customers, stocking it with pens, markers, paper, and stamps.

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