deputy sits at school lunchtable - ABC VideoInspired to bolster school security by the December shooting inside Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, deputies in Douglas County are voluntarily doing their paperwork in parking lots outside their district’s 40-plus elementary schools. The result, they say, is more security without additional resources.

“Instead of pulling under a bridge or to a random parking lot to do their reports, they just find the local school nearest them and do it there,” said Liz Fagan, Superintendent for Douglas County Schools. “We love that.”

(READ the story from ABC-7 in Denver)


  1. When I was a child, our local policeman had a radio show on Sat. mornings, and we listened as a family. He came and visited our schools and gave little pep talks about being a good citizen to us little kids. I never had a bad thought about policeman until the late 60’s when they became “pigs.” Now maybe they can start being the children’s friend again.

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