When Shelly Brown saw that her SUV had been stolen out of her driveway last week, she was heartbroken.

But it wasn’t really because her car was gone; it was because there had been a vial of her son’s ashes hanging from the rearview mirror.

The ashes, she said, were all she really had left of her son.

The Del City, Oklahoma mother wasn’t separated from the ashes for long, however – a week later, she saw the exact model of her car drive past her in the streets. When her instincts told her to follow it, she tracked it down to where the Honda SUV had stopped in a parking lot.

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She was shocked to find that the car was indeed her stolen vehicle.

Though there was some damage to the steering wheel, all of her possessions were still there and intact – including her son’s ashes.

Though police have not yet identified the thief, Brown has had the car towed back to her driveway where it is now safe and sound.

(WATCH the video below)

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