A dog rescuer and her husband were stranded without transportation on Fourth of July weekend – but when this compassionate cop heard about their mission, he didn’t even hesitate to hand them the keys to his own car.

Molly Nemec and other animal rescuers have spent the last six weeks organizing the transportation of several dogs who were destined for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.

Earlier this month, the pups were flown into Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Nemec, who lives in Lindstrom, Minnesota, planned on meeting with her cohorts halfway in between her home and Chicago in order to pass off the dogs, who would then be distributed to their prepared foster parents in Minnesota.

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However, Nemec hit a pretty serious snag.

While on the way to the meet-up point, Nemec’s SUV overheated and broke down in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Because it was a holiday weekend, there were no rental SUVs available in the area, and they needed a car that was big enough to fit six dog kennels. Distraught, the rescuers realized that they had no way of getting to the checkpoint.

Then, 47-year-old Officer Brad Junker of the Stillwater Police Department arrived on the scene to check up on the stranded couple.

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“They saw the empty kennels, dog bowls and such as they stepped out to talk with us. They learned of our mission to meet halfway in Wisconsin to pick up 6 very special critters. We talked to them about the dog & cat meat trade…” said Nemec. “Then one of the kind-hearted officers said: ‘I will let you use my Suburban to drive down to get these dogs.’”

Nemec was so shocked by the offer, she asked if he could repeat himself.

When he reiterated the statement, Nemec couldn’t help but break down in tears.

“I could not believe the kindness and generosity of this police officer who had never met us before! Sure enough, within 8 minutes he was back with his Suburban and helped us pack it up in no time so we could take off.”

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“I don’t know; it just seemed like the thing to do,” Junker told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. “I said, ‘Why don’t you just take my vehicle? I have to work for another four or five hours. I won’t be using it. It’s just sitting in the parking lot, so why don’t you just use it?’”

Thanks to the help of Junker, Nemec’s mission was a success – all six pups were picked up in Wisconsin and dropped off with their foster parents.

“Thankfully, in the evening we got the dogs back to Stillwater where all the fabulous fosters were set to meet us (albeit later than we had hoped),” says Nemec. “To make the night even better, the police officer joined us since his shift was over and was able to see this transport come full circle and meet these precious pups! What an amazing day.”

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