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Domino’s delivery promises pizza in “30 minutes or less,” but one driver took it upon herself to deliver a bit more–a new home for a customer in need, just in time for winter.

Pizza Delivery home GoFundMeAngela Nguyen had delivered pizza to the rundown trailer before. Lee Hasse, who lived there, occasionally splurged on such a luxury, but the 76-year-old man usually survived on a single meal each day from “Meals on Wheels.”

This time, Nguyen noticed the old man was shivering and deduced that he had no heat. With the cold Minnesota winter fast approaching, she decided to find a way to keep him warm.

“My initial intention was just to rent him a small, tiny apartment through the winter,” she told KARE News.

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Nguyen set up a GoFundMe page expecting to raise a few hundred dollars, but the response overwhelmed her — it collected almost $25,000 in nine days with contributions pledged from all over the world.

Domino’s corporate office even chipped in $2,000, saying they were proud of Nguyen’s efforts.

When media reports shared the news, businesses around the Ham Lake community quickly offered time and resources to help.

A construction company asking to remain anonymous has offered to build him a small house on his property. A surveyor, framers, and painters have volunteered their services to put a new roof over Hasse’s head.

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Hassee says the attention is both “awesome and overwhelming” – because he ordered a pizza and strangers delivered a brighter, warmer future.

(WATCH the video below from KARE-11) – Photos: KARE video; GoFundMe page

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