Officer Dwayne Phillips is just one of the boys in blue at the New Jersey Police Department who has been trained to protect and serve humans – but never before this week has he ever served a deer.

Phillips was dispatched to a home in Harmony Township, Warren County where a deer was drowning in a backyard swimming pool.

“It was clear that the buck had been struggling for quite some time,” said a Facebook post published by the New Jersey State Police. “Now believe it or not, we don’t necessarily teach recruits in the academy how to rescue drowning deer, but we do teach them how to think on their feet and adapt and improvise when a peculiar situation presents itself.”

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Without wasting time, Phillips grabbed the deer by its horns and hauled the thrashing animal out of the water.

Since the buck was pretty pooped from its near-death experience, they only had time to snap a quick photo together before it recuperated and took off for freedom.

“There is always the possibility of serious injury or worse when trying to rescue a drowning victim and even more so when the victim is a wild animal. But this trooper did an outstanding job!”

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