Richard Cunningham-Released

Richard Cunningham has made sure to never miss an episode of the Price Is Right – but now for the first time ever, he’s going to be watching from the stands.

When Richard’s granddaughter Alexis Hileman heard that her grandpa was recently diagnosed with leukemia, she wanted to do something special for the retired school teacher.

“With Grandpa’s chemo treatments and doctors visits in between, I try to send a little gift every now and then to add a smile to his day,” says Alexis. “As I was doing just that, I asked my mom for suggestions on a little gift and she sarcastically said, ‘Oh well you know his lifelong dream is to attend The Price Is Right.’”

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Inspired, Alexis contacted JetBlu explaining the situation.

“I honestly didn’t expect anything from it, but God knew. Within a simple weeks time, 5 different JetBlue employees were contacting me, Grandpa’s doctors were beyond helpful, and our family had an ongoing group conversation figuring out the details.”

The airline donated two free plane tickets to Los Angeles for Richard and his wife to finally attend an episode of the Price is Right on February 27th.

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After Richard’s family put together a surprise video explaining the gift, they played the footage for the unsuspecting senior during his church service – and he was amazed.

“Grandpa has planned his day around The Price Is Right for 45 years. He makes sure to not miss a show,” Alexis told Good News Network. “He’s still in absolute shock and can’t believe he is going. All he can say is this feels like a dream.”

The family is currently rallying for Richard to be a contestant on the show, however their campaign apparently requires more traction in order to gain attention. They’re also raising money through a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for gas, food, and souvenirs.

(WATCH the video below)


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