Elon Musk has just announced that the first of his speedy transportation tunnels beneath Los Angeles will be open to the public in just a few short months.

Earlier this week, Musk published a tweet saying that a 2-mile transit tunnel is set to open on December 10th with free rides offered to the masses starting the very next day.

The tunnel was constructed by the Boring Company, an infrastructure and construction firm founded by Musk as a means of building his Hyperloop project. The tunnel, which was built in Hawthorne, has initially been designed to whisk cars along at speeds of 155 miles per hour, although the system will eventually be able to carry passengers and bicycles.

Currently, private cars will be able to drive onto elevators that will carry the vehicle down into the tunnel where it can then be autonomously carried on a platform to its proper destination.

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“The purpose is to demonstrate that a lift can be built in very small footprints and within existing buildings, whether they are houses, office buildings, or retail parking lots,” says the company’s website.

“Looking forward, one could have a lift in the basement of every office building, allowing extremely convenient commutes.”

On the East Coast, Musk has already received several green lights from state legislators to begin construction of a hyperloop system that will combat traffic jams by whisking passengers from Washington DC to New York City at speeds of 700 miles per hour.

(WATCH the Boring Company’s 2017 simulation video below) – Photo by the Boring Company

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