The English government has just announced that it will be banning unethical kitten and puppy farms.

With details of the new legislation to be discussed in the fall, the ban will effectively prevent third-party breeders from being able to sell cats and dogs that have not been raised or treated in suitable conditions.

Licensed breeders will only be able to sell litters that they have bred themselves, and they will be limited to the sale of a certain number of litters per year. Breeders selling animals online will have to display their license number along with the pet’s country of origin and residence.

Anyone wanting to adopt a dog or cat will have to contact a rehoming center or a breeder directly, rather than depending on pet stores that may be acquiring their animals from unscrupulous sources.

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“A ban on third-party sales will ensure the nation’s much loved pets get the right start in life,” said environmental secretary Michael Gove, according to The Guardian.

“People who have a complete disregard for pet welfare will no longer be able to profit from this miserable trade,” he added.

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