These 153 Greek villagers don’t have much money or material wealth, but that did not deter them from spending countless hours—putting their own lives on hold—to help tens of thousands of displaced refugees.

The people of Lesvos have spent the better part of the last two years helping these people to flee the Syrian civil war.

In Ode To Lesvos, a new documentary short made by Syrian refugee filmmaker Talal Derki, the island residents give their own testimonies on the importance of kindness.

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Over 900,000 Syrians are estimated to have landed on one of the six islands surrounding the Aegean Sea, including Lesvos. The islanders were even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in a bid to honor their compassion.

“While thousands have sought refuge from my war-torn homeland, something extraordinary has been taking place on this Greek island,” Talal told the Good News Network.

“Even though Greece is in the middle of its own economic crisis and craziness, there are people with an unbreakable generosity of spirit who provided hope and positivity to the displaced families. They made me feel so much more optimistic about life.”

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The interviews, each one as inspiring as the next, is a moving tribute to the people who shared what little they had with the Middle Eastern families seeking asylum.

(WATCH the video below, which was supported by scotch whiskey company Johnnie Walker)

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