This sweet pup may not be a princess, but she surely will be living happily ever after with these fairy godparents.

Earlier last week, the Front Street Animal Shelter of Sacramento, California announced on Facebook that they had no more room for dogs in their facilities. The shelter made a post online encouraging readers to rescue their residents by coming in and adopting a pet.

There was one animal in particular that the shelter went out of their way to showcase for adoption: a loving dog named Joyce that had been living there for two months, waiting for a forever home.

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A family in British Columbia saw the post and decided that Joyce would be a perfect addition for theirs.

The family then drove over 16 hours in order to adopt the patient pup – and shelter workers recorded the magical moment when they eagerly gave Joyce some well-earned belly rubs.

Front Street published a heartwarming video of the encounter, ending it with a shot of Joyce riding into the sunset with her new Canadian family.

If you live in the Sacramento area, the animal shelter is waiving all adoption fees for the rest of the month in order to find permanent homes for their residents.

(WATCH the video below)

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