This little girl loves her local garbagemen. Every time they pull up outside of her home in Ireland, she excitedly watches them work from the window until they leave.

That’s why her dad, a Reddit user named Wayne L, asked the garbagemen if they could brighten her day by giving her a little wave during their stops.

One week later, the little girl was waiting by the window as per usual when – to her delight – she saw that one of the garbagemen started walking up to their door with a bag in hand.

As the dad videotapes the entire exchange, the family rushes to meet the approaching worker.

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The Greyhound Recycling employee then greets the little girl and gives her a toy garbage truck along with a garbageman coloring book and a company hat.

Needless to say, the family was ecstatic.

“I went to the bin men the week before and told them my daughter loves watching them and [I asked if they would be] so kind to just give her a wave next time,” Wayne reportedly wrote on Reddit. “We only expected a wave, which is why my daughter shouted ‘he has a present’ and my wife [brought] her to the door.”

“The shock and enjoyment experienced by us all is genuine – faith in humanity restored,” he added.

(WATCH the adorable video below)

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