There’s nothing like a bedtime story before sleep – and this feline is no exception.

In a heart-melting video that was recently uploaded to Twitter, a 4-year-old girl named Abby Merryn can be seen reading a bedtime story to her cat Bailey.

While some cats might not be especially fond of snuggling, Bailey lounges across his buddy’s lap while she reads aloud from a storybook. Every once in a while, he’ll sleepily raise his head so he can gaze at Abby’s face before falling back asleep.

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This is not the first time that this has happened, either – according to Abby’s mother, Erin, the little girl regularly curls up to her cat so she can read to him; and he is always the perfect audience.

Erin, who lives in Illinois, adopted Bailey when she was in college 13 years ago. She was drawn to the cat after he literally jumped into her arms and would not let go.

13 years later, he is still sweet as can be.

(WATCH the video below)

Be Sure And Share This Purrrrfect Clip With Your FriendsPhoto by Erin Merryn


    • It shows just how individual cats are – some are total snugglers, others will not let you do this unless they are COMPLETELY in the mood, and then only for a little while. I had 2 ‘kittens’ until recently, sisters but complete opposites, one the snuggler, the other always outside on the deck railing watching the birds. I love their characters….our friends the animals !

  1. It’s very cute. That cat is quite content and attentive to his little mistress. But she’s not reading a book. The book is a prop. She’s making up a story and pretending to read. I doubt the cat cares.

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