It took a determined filmmaker an entire year to film this mini-documentary about a 9-year-old girl and her life on the grasslands of Tibet – and the results are breathtaking.

Martin Buzora is the cinematic mastermind behind the 5-minute film “The Story of Pema”. The short film, which he says is the first Western film of its kind to come out of Tibet, portrays the simple life and beliefs of a Tibetan girl named Pema.

“Peace is all around me,” proclaims the young girl whose happy nomadic family lives off the land.

Buzora told Good News Network that he was inspired to make the documentary after spending years of his life dreaming about the magical nature of the region. Since it was released last month, the director hopes his creation has given people an understanding of the cultural significance of the Tibet and its people.

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“I wanted to pay respects to a culture I love very much,” Buzora wrote in an email. “It has been my fever dream since I was a boy reading ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ to visit this enchanted and mysterious land—and getting the opportunity to make a film in Tibet has been the greatest opportunity of my career.

“With the continual modernization of China, the nomadic cultures of the Tibetan grasslands are rapidly disappearing,” he added. “This documentary portrait about Pema is not only a love song to an ancient nomadic way of life, but also an anthropological record of a culture whose survival into the future is unclear.”

If you want to check out Buzora’s other cinematic works and world travels, you can check out his website or Instagram page.

(WATCH the gorgeous mini-doc below)

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