It’s fire prevention month and this firehouse in Virginia has come up with a creative way to get kids interested in a firefighting career to ensure the future protection of their community.

A recent addition to their public education program in Martinsville, Virginia is their “fire house” which allows young children to experience putting out a fire.

The idea was borrowed from another department with their permission and built by Lt. Todd Owen (pictured far left).

The idea became a great addition for schools whose classrooms visit to tour the fire station.

All photos by Martinsville Fire & EMS – used with permission

Chief Ted Anderson and Capt. Tim Jamison loved the idea for the project and let Owen create the ‘house’ at which the children could aim a fire hose.

The house was tested by an honorary firefighter, young Quinn Gravely, who highly approved.

“We have some future firefighters in the making!” wrote the team on Facebook.

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