This Virginia woman got a four-alarm surprise on her 100th birthday — dozens of firefighters in formation stood outside her house to present her with flowers and birthday wishes.

Jeanette Carty has a long family history with the Norfolk Fire-Rescue Department, and a class of recruits showed up to honor the years of family service.

Her late husband, Joe, spent 30 years with the department — starting in 1942. Her nephew, Capt. David Bear, and his father also served.

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Carty still lives in the house where she and Joe raised their children. She’s now a great-grandmother of four.

Firefighters escorted the grinning centenarian out to the reception line and presented her with a sunflower bouquet as the recruits applauded her.

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“I was never more surprised in my life,” Carty told TODAY. “To see the firemen all lined up with their red shirts and black pants, oh my goodness it was amazing.”

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