2015 has been an amazing year for kids who have taught us a lot about generosity, kindness, and selflessness. These five young people have definitely shown us how it’s done…take a look:

1. Boy Makes Viral Video to Aid Buddy Who Lost Toys in a Fire

7yo with friend-bi-racial-GoFundMe-croppedKollin Cox and Ryan Branson are best friends. When one of them lost everything in a fire, the other one asked his mother to help him make a video and post it on Facebook.

Afterward, St. Louis television stations ran news stories about the friendship that helped raise $11,000 to replace toys, beds and clothes for the young boy and his mother Sonya–proof that a destructive blaze is no match for a pair of elementary school BFFs. . . (WATCH)


2. She Builds Mobile Shelters Because ‘Nobody Should Sleep Outside’

Hailey Fort of Bremerton, Washington, first befriended a Hailey and Mom build tiny shelter screen shot youtubehomeless man named Edward when he lost his job at their local supermarket. Hailey, who happens to be handy with an electric drill, decided to get to work building him a “mobile sleeping shelter,” and she knows what she’s doing.

“If there was no insulation, he would get cold. If there was no tar paper, he would get a draft,” she told King 5 news. With a little help from her grandfather, who is a contractor by trade, she successfully built Edward a 8×4 wooden shelter. . . (WATCH)

3. Boy Uses Birthday Money to Save Racehorse On Death Row

Most kids spend their birthday money on toys and games, but 9-year-old Brandon Heyman of Ontario, Canada decided to use it to save a life.

Karazan, an aging racehorse, had just been purchased by a meat buyer when his mother came across the 17-year-old chestnut mare on the website Need You Now Equine.

“My son asked what was I doing, and when I explained it to him, he said, ‘Mummy, my birthday’s coming up. Just give my birthday money to them. I don’t want the horse to die.’”. . . (READ)

4. Eighth Grader Raises Thousands to Buy Wheelchair for Younger Classmate

Ryan-Czech-Jerylyn-hug-WTFX-videoWhen a neighbor’s expensive wheelchair was stolen, Ryan Czech wanted to help — but how much of a difference can an eighth-grader make? It turns out, he was able to buy her a new chair within a single day.

His 10-year-old neighbor, Jerylyn, has Cerebral Palsy and needs a stroller-style wheelchair to get around. They’re expensive — more than $2,300.

Ryan’s mother helped him set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money–and in just 24 hours, he had the money he needed. . . (WATCH)

5. This Kid Uses His Allowance to Design, Sew Clothes for Homeless

boy at sewing machine-Elliott Family FBXavier Elliott is a formerly homeless young man who has taken to his mother’s sewing machine to design special pieces for those who are still struggling.

The ten-year-0ld, who previously spent some time in a homeless shelter with his family, started out by using his own allowance to foot the cost, and has since received a number of monetary and material donations—along with several offers of new sewing machines—after his story was broadcast by local Phoenix television stations.

In addition to clothing, Xavier wants to make tote bags so homeless kids have a place to put their clothing. . . (WATCH)

FAITH in Humanity Restored… Pass it on! (below)

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